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Last evening’s distraction was another great Case Study Jam. I met lots of tweeters, saw many I hadn’t seen for a while and started following a few new ones. The 4th of the Jams, Joe Boughner did a great job of MCing as usual and much fun was had. This is not so much a post about Case Study Jam, but a post about why events are important.

As a student, I attended as many different events as I found were happening and usually then some. This event was an event that I originally thought wouldn’t be all that entertaining. The thing is, the people in this city are phenomenal. Chatting with the people sitting around my table beforehand was great, listening to the presenters was great and the food was quite good as well.

To me though, as a student and now as someone with a bit more free time, the best part was the ideas. As a map maker, I can (theoretically) map anything. Everything happens somewhere so everything must be mappable, right? So one of my random ideas was to take the data from but I’m still not certain on the legality of that. So one thing I considered was food. There was Don Chow of FoodiePrints at the event and it made me think. Could I create a map of the places that he has been and written reviews about? Sure. But can someone else run a bit further with this idea and turn it into an application of some sort? Probably.

Is any of this going to happen? Depends if I can find the application programmer out there who has time, I suppose. At the very least, I might just collect addresses of restaurants and create a map that when you click on a restaurant, you can go to the reviews. It’s an idea.

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  1. My dear! You *need* to talk to Mark Warburton of Ottawa Foodies fame. We’ve (read: Ottawa Foodies) been trying to connect the dots between reviews and maps for a while.

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