NRCan and Data

I was originally going to write about QGIS and show you some of the maps that I have created. I then decided to make fresh maps, so to speak, so I went over to NRCan’s website, found the ftp server addresses and downloaded gFTP on my Ubuntu install. Theoretically, it should be as simple as downloading some files, putting them in QGIS, playing a bit, taking some screen shots, cropping with The GIMP and bam! Maps to upload to WordPress.

Yeah, I break stuff.

Either gFTP is not willing to go into folders and get the sub-folders, or NRCan’s FTP server doesn’t allow that. When you want to map the entirety of Canada (I can dream), this is suddenly a huge pain to have to manually pick each individual folder. I’m not sure if I am missing something obvious or if I have missed configuring something, but something does not seem right here.

I don’t know if I am not well versed enough in gFTP and NRCan and I am missing something or if there is simply something wrong.

Anyone have any ideas? If not, I’ll figure it out and you’ll get maps later on, I suppose.


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  1. Geogratis has a UI for getting small numbers of Canvec datasets. To get all of Canada, I use lftp (a command line ftp client) and mirror the Canvec directory on the ftp server to a local machine.

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