Changes and Decisions

Ok, so my title is fairly vague and the post likely will be as well.
This blog has caused to get my own domain, which is going to be entertaining but thanks to the wonderful guys at @ServerNorth, I didn’t have to do anything! (except, well, pay them) So is now mine and I have no idea what else to do with it. Should I get MapServer running? Should I have my photo gallery linked to it? Or should I do nothing with it and just get my apartment livable instead? I am tempted to make a page dedicated to something weird though, like the massive amounts of tea I drink in a day or bento boxes or something. So we’ll see.
So if anyone is wondering who Server North is, they are my ISP as well as blog hosting guys. Those of you who know me very well, know that I don’t usually go with the big players. (My cell phone is with Wind Mobile and I literally got it the first day that it was available in Ottawa.) Server North is pretty much exactly what I want in an ISP. The speeds are stable and fast, the price is good and the service is excellent. And they didn’t laugh at me for not knowing what I was doing with a modem or a router, which is good.
What I wonder about is how things are now going to change, what with the CRTC deciding that Bell can charge people per usage instead of just a flat rate. Rogers may pull something similar but I don’t want either. I want the small company that has far better service than the big two. I can understand if the smaller companies like Server North have to pass along the costs to their customers but it isn’t going to be good for business. So way to go, CRTC. You fucked over Canadians again. Is Rogers paying you?

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