Fate and Ottawa

Most people who have talked to me for a few hours know that I am a pretty strong non-believer in, well, a lot of things. I believe that I change my own life, I adapt to the circumstances in which I find myself in and I move from there. Apparently this is so obvious, I had someone call me Spock after talking to me for a few hours a couple of weeks ago. Heh.

Sometimes though, you just have to start wondering.

I recently ran into an ex-boyfriend of mine that I met while I was in Germany in 2003. Last I had heard of him, he was in Guelph for school, and I was in Regina for school. Not surprisingly, he was a bit more surprised than I was to see me in Ottawa.

I still have access to the email address I had in 2003 and wanted to remind myself of something, so I went searching. I ended up finding an email from a friend of mine, whom I have since lost touch with. It was asking me if I wanted to move to Ottawa for a year, back in 2003. It unfortunately fell through for him before I really had much of a chance to consider it, but still.

What are the chances?

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  1. It’s strange how things work out. I tend to think along the same lines as you, but at the same time, weird things happen.

    I was in a food court with a friend of mine, who is originally from Ethiopia and educated in Cote D’Ivoire and Montreal, prior to moving to Ottawa. Someone quickly approaches her — it turns out they went to high school in Africa together. Who would’ve thought they would end up in the same city?

    Since moving to Ottawa I’ve run into friends and acquaintances from just about every area of my previous life — from BC, to MB, to ON and NS.


  2. What are the chances that you would run into this specific person at this specific point in time? Fairly small. What are the chances of running into someone from your past at some point in time, in some way that would make you wonder about fate? Better than you might think. I believe it’s related to the birthday problem, which says that if you have only 57 people in a room, there’s a 99% chance that two will have the same birthday.

    Stats are cool. šŸ™‚

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