I am really bad at this

I don’t update regularly, I don’t plug the daylights out of my blog, I don’t have them on my business cards (that don’t even have my current phone number but meh), I don’t update posts with what I’ve done.

Good thing I don’t do this for a living.

I have posted about getting rid of 365 things, which I think I’ve done. I filled up the back of a 2007 Ford Focus hatchback with things that I didn’t need and gave them to Value Village. Yes, I bought three things there, but I got rid of about 15 bags worth of clothes, shoes, books and whatever else wasn’t working in my apartment.

My apartment feels cleaner.

I still have tons of Canadian Geographic and National Geographic that I meant to bring there and forgot about. I have stacks and stacks of cds that I want to rip onto my computers and then give away the cds. I don’t want the physical copy, I do initially, but not after I know it works.

I want my music all in one place.

I did  dye my hair as per the poll, which had pink and orange as the obvious winners. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find orange dye, so I went with pink and blond, but I have been told I need to do orange still.

I almost want my natural hair color back.

I keep meaning to refer back to old posts when I’m writing these, but I write them up on my netbook, which is a pain to have tabs on. Heck, Firefox took five minutes to boot today! In any case, I don’t remember the exact links and I don’t always have the photos I want on this computer so I am terrible at that too.

Does this blog need photos? Or does it need maps and statistics? I somehow suspect the latter with a dabbling of the former.

I realize that I really don’t edit these. I just start writing and continue on until I feel like I am finished and that’s the end of it.

Is that so bad?

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