Less 365 and thoughts

This past week has been full of things keeping me busy, my parents coming down for the week being the major one. I have been spending very little time at home and even less time at a computer this long weekend, so this will be a short post.

Someone that I follow on twitter posted this morning that it was Day 2 of #less365 and that they were getting rid of a belt. So I contemplated this. This is something that I can really get behind. I have tons of stuff in my tiny apartment that I want to get rid of, but do I have 365 things? Likely, yes. But do I want to do this on a daily basis? Not particularly. I get pretty busy some days and other days I’ll be going through tons of boxes and what not.

Yes, I have lived in my apartment for five months and still have 15 boxes that are full.

This needs to change.

So my goal is this. I am going to speed up Less 365 to four months. I want to see if I can get rid of 365 items by December 1st, just in time for me to donate a whole bunch of useful items to women’s shelters and what not for Christmas. I think I can find about 3 or 4 items a day to get rid of and I will attempt to post weekly updates about what I have been getting rid of – partially for my own sanity.

See, I know that I have too much stuff. Recently I realized that a lot of what I find interesting is computer based, I could likely have everything that I find interesting on my computers and get rid of most of what I own. I could scan in some of the older photos I have, get rid of cds that I copy over to my hard drive, that sort of thing.

Every Monday, hopefully, I will post about the stuff that is going to the pile and I will post about the pile and where I think it should go.

Why do I want to do this in 1/3 of the normal time? I don’t plan on being in the same apartment next summer. I plan on moving to somewhere even smaller – at least in price, and potentially heading back to school. I want my apartment clean, neat, and with far, far less stuff than I currently have. It’s one way that I want to prepare for taking even more school.

And yes, more school. Those who have known me for a while should not be surprised. I have always considered being a perpetual student and after two undergraduate degrees and a post-graduate certificate, I feel like I can make a positive change in this world by going back for a Master’s and PhD. It will likely be at Ottawa U, but I am not sure just as of yet.

As for what I’m going to study, that is a later blog post. But for now,

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  1. Awesome goal!

    A few months ago I realized my house was far to cluttered so started emptying it out. I gave away so much stuff!! But there’s still more!

    We really do live in a materialistic world and that stinks. Good for you! I might borrow this idea and get my stuff down to the necessities.

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