Mapping the Crimes and Changing My World

Those of you who know me even somewhat, know that I don’t tend to stay still.  I don’t tend to keep my hair the same, I don’t tend to stay put and just relax, I tend to just go, much like this sentence.

So it can’t be too surprising that I am considering going back to school – again. I have done eight years of post-secondary school, which has given me two undergraduate degrees and a post-graduate certificate. And yes, I do want more. I want to change the world, I want to leave my mark, I want to do something, dammit.

I have decided what I want to do.

This is something that took me years to figure out. I have never been one to just settle on something, I tend to experiment a lot, take this subject, try out that hobby. This has led to me carting boxes across the country, trying karate, going swing dancing, and random ingredients put together for meals. Maple ham, cheddar, mayo on a crepe? Yum!

That’s just me.

But for the past three or so years, I have been fascinated by crime mapping. I want to see where the worst crimes in Canada are commited, I want to correlate them with poverty, multi-unit dwellings, gender ratios, and age.  I want to see the areas that the crime commiters live in,I want to see how far they travel for mischief, I want to see where they get caught with stolen cars.

I don’t even want to stop there.

I want to see if there is a spatial correlation between where a murder occurs, where the murder weapon is found and where the accused lives or frequents. I want to break it down that much, to see if there is something that can help police find potential murderers before they strike again.

This is how I want to change the world.

I am not content to sit idle as the world turns in front of me.

And so now that I have decided, and have firmly decided, that this is how I want my life to go, now I must find out how to do so. Is there grants for this research? Is there similar research being done at Ottawa U or Carleton? Should I be a TA while working on my Masters? Is it likely that I am going to get my PhD? Could I TA the German classes? (Could I anyway? Just for the practice and fun of it?)

I know this commits me to at least another three years in Ottawa, since I suspect I will need a year to find and convince a professor, apply for grants and the like and move into a place much, much cheaper than where I am now.

Gotta give me credit, I always keep things interesting.

4 Replies to “Mapping the Crimes and Changing My World

  1. Sounds like you want to be a profiler, or an analyst who does the hard work that makes the work of a profiler possible or easier.

    A noble calling, and what many folks believe is the future of crime prevention – using our growing understanding of the interaction of geographic/social factors to map and even predict crime.

    It fascinates me, as a guy who has been writing about crime for more than 20 years.

    Hope you can keep people apprised of your work online.

    Good luck


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