The Social Media Hair Experiment

Alright, so many of you know that I change my hair color far more often than most people. This year alone, I have played with black, blue, orange, pink, red, blond, purple and brown. Part of why this changes so often is that I tend to go swimming – which attacks the dye, and the dyes tend to be temporary. So my bathtub has also been the list of colors that I’ve mentioned above.

I’ve had some interesting success with my hair, particularly as the colors got varied and things just got nice and bright. I should be able to get some shots up of me in the near-ish future. Pink-purple hair worked fairly well until parts started fading, then I replaced most of the pink with purple and some of the pink that was left faded to orange and blond. Generally, a very cool look and one that really wasn’t what I was expecting.

Since I started with this pink hair phase, I also started swing dancing. So the new people that I met, I suspect, could identify me by my funky hair more than anything else. So when I saw the colors fade miserably, I dyed my hair – again – with what dye I had left – again. In this case, it was a bright red, which covered all of the other colors and never turned out that bright. It was closer to a reddish-brown and was, in comparison to previous colors, pretty boring.  It also has decided to fade, a lot, but only in parts.

So it’s that time again. I’m going to dye my hair, again. I’m likely going to blond my entire head, and then color it with whatever color this poll here tells me to dye. This poll doesn’t have much time left in it, but for whatever reason, orange has shot ahead of every other color. Why orange? And bright orange, like, well, an orange? And now, because @Ms_CL decided to tell her followers to vote for pink, pink has almost overtaken orange. Interesting to see where this goes, and how many colors I end up with.

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