I have a month

and I plan on making good use of that month.

Don’t ask what the month is for, it was essentially given to me for completely different purposes but I am taking it and running with it. This is what I want to do this month – so September 2010.

I want to get my knees back into shape.

  • This is key, because my main mode of transportation is walking, followed quickly by the bus. I need to be able to be functional without knee braces, without wincing going up and down stairs again. This does mean that I won’t be showing up to Saturday Night Swing and dancing until 1am, although I am still going to Swing Explosion on September 10 – 12 and taking Swing II, which begins September 14. I won’t be taking stairs as much, definitely not walking up the 14 floors up to the roof/laundry/pool. I would say I won’t walk as much but I’m not sure how reasonable that is. I’m pretty impatient when it comes to waiting for buses and OCTranspo doesn’t help my patience much. I am going to start swimming again. I stopped because, of all silly reasons, it was ruining my hair color.

I am stopping coloring my hair.

  • Yes, I’m good at it, yes it’s great fun, but it’s expensive, it is a huge amount of work and it means I can’t go swimming. So I am giving up on my obvious weirdness and am going to be a bit more subtle, at least as far as hair color is concerned.

I will post to my blog more.

  • I want to do this a few times a week, not just when I feel like it, not just when someone reminds me. I want to take the time and write out blog posts better, put in pictures, proper links and what not. I don’t know how interesting some of them will be. But I do intend on including more maps, that’s for sure.

I want to write more about maps.

  • I am losing my focus. I am getting distracted by everything shiny around me and am not doing what I feel I need to do in order to further myself. I want to play around with technologies and data more, I want to have the time to work on mapping projects like OpenStreetMap and actually do something with the data that I find and collect. I want to see how to get a server up and running with something like MapServer or GeoServer. I want to see what I can do, given the time. I want to see what I can figure out from data that is freely available from Statistics Canada.

I want to make my apartment cool.

  • Not just presentable, not just decent, but actually pretty funky. I live in a tiny, 300 sq ft apartment that is the size of most people’s living rooms. I want it to be awesome. I have three pieces of furniture left that I want to get and that should be it. And yes, my apartment does have that cluttered feeling to it. I know this. I need a table, one more chair (yes, just one) and a wardrobe/dresser/combo for clothing. I don’t want everything to come from IKEA. I need to borrow someone with a vehicle who is willing to scour garage sales (yes the season is over, I know) and flea markets and what not in search of something funky. I want to ask my photographer friends if I can get some of their shots as prints and have them all over my walls. I want to have some of them in their own frames so that when someone says “Oh I love this shot!” I can say “here, have it. I know Myke (or Mark or Gord or whoever else took it) and can get it reprinted” so that I can spread my love of your photography around.

I need to budget.

  • I need to figure out my finances, figure out my options for saving, figure out how much should go into an RRSP, how much should go into the vacation fund. (Particularly since I know Claudia wants to go to Norway and I will need to save up to do this trip to go with her and see my sister.) I need to sit down, figure out how best to reign my spending in. And I think I have a plan forming now.

I want to cook more.

  • I want to cook for people (hence the table), I want to cook for myself, I want to make my own lunches again and actually eat them. I want to save money this way, I want to learn more about food this way, I want to appreciate food more this way. I want your ideas of simple meals, I want your ideas of cheap meals. I want your ideas for cool meals like my appetizer that I keep meaning to make. Prosciutto wrapped scallops that have been soaking up maple syrup for two days. I have the prosciutto, I have the teeny tiny wild Argentinian sea scallops. How on earth do I do this?

I want to be less of a social butterfly.

  • I am getting sick of hanging out in large groups and chatting with a huge amount of people briefly and making a huge amount of acquaintances. I want to make more good friends. I want to hang out with one person drinking wine all evening instead of flitting between some people. I know that this is how I have met some amazing, amazing people. But sometimes, it’s just good to have people who understand, who have heard all the back story. I haven’t had that since I moved to Ottawa, and that’s mostly been me. I can be hard to find, hard to track down and I know it. I want to fix that.

I want to read more.

  • I have hundreds of unread articles in my Read It Later account, hundreds of emails that have gone unread. It’s time for me to sit down and read them and learn from them. I need to get on top of it like I need to keep on top of my filing, my laundry, my dishes, my cleaning and my finances.

I need to email someone.

  • I have the email address of someone I saw speak a few years ago. He is essentially the head of the field that I want to get into with a Master’s and potentially a PhD. It is time that I email him and say “where do I go from here?” If he doesn’t answer me, then so be it. But I suspect he would and I suspect that he would be incredibly useful. I do not expect him to want me as a student, and besides, he’s in Texas now, after the Vancouver Police essentially didn’t listen to him. I listened to him and he is the reason why I am fascinated by mapping crime. I have ideas and I test them with statistics, with the crimes that have already been committed. I want to see the patterns.

I need to have patience.

That is what this month is for. So I will use it.

5 Replies to “I have a month

  1. Awesome!

    Not going up and down stairs will help A LOT! people with knee problems need to stay away from stairs. Listen to your doctor 😉

    We will miss you greatly at SNS, of course, but you need to heal first. Once you stop doing crazy things -like moving furniture without help, your knees will get better and you can come back.

    You can always cook for me, I wont’ say no to that 😉

    All the best in this new enterprise of yours! let me know if you need my help for anything

    And yes! Norway FTW

  2. very lovely! i’m not sure what delights me more: what your goals are, or how you wrote them.

    i know you say you want to stop being a social butterfly, but i also can’t believe i haven’t met you. because, i think i should like to. vor allem dass wir beiden deutsch sprechen.

  3. That’s a lot for one month. Maybe you should think about spreading it out a little! But the fact that you sat down and decided wrote up some achievable short time goals is amazing.

    1. wow…I can’t write today! Should read:

      “But the fact that you sat down, decided upon, and wrote up some achievable goals”

  4. Cool! Maybe you could do a few blog posts at the end of the month about what you’ve done with your apartment and with your meals? Some of us may want to steal your ideas. 🙂

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