Two days into the month

So I was looking back at the list of things that I plan on doing this month. It’s a bit of a list. I may have been a bit ambitious with this plan, but we shall see. I think if I get a few specific things done on this list, I’ll be happy.

Done so far:

  • survived a day with no knee braces
  • got my hair dyed back to my almost-natural hair color
  • third day in a row that I have posted here
  • chatted OpenStreetMap with a half dozen people last night for a few hours
  • planned with Kaitlin on going furniture shopping
  • meeting one friend for lunch and one friend for drinks this evening

So I am getting there. I decided that I wanted to change my life and I am going ahead and doing so. No matter how frustrating this month may be, no matter how sad I may get some days, I am doing this for me. I was given the opportunity through a different set of circumstances than I prefer, but I will use it for me. So apologies if this is a bit on the naval gazing side, but that should also end as the maps come out more.

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