Breaking Stuff

As most people who have read my tweets know, I break things. I break things a lot. Lately I’m even paid to break a particular database with two particular pieces of software. I do it well, and I’m thankfully on great terms with one of the developers, so things are getting fixed.

But when I crashed five music players, three photo editors, two browsers, iTunes, Windows, Ubuntu, my Kobo Touch, as well as the Kobo Desktop and it’s installer, I knew it was time to do something.

Oh yes, faithful reader. I do mean blog. I am not a programmer. I don’t know where to direct a bug report for most of this software, otherwise I would easily do so. I’m good at writing bug reports, which makes sense given how much I break things. This category of my blog isn’t going to become a bug report, more of “wow, I broke this much software today”. Because it’s getting ridiculous. That list of what I broke? I did that in the past 30 hours, and I slept for 12 of those hours. I won’t tell you about my job, as I’m not sure I can share it and well, I’m getting to paid to break it. That’s different. This is the software that I’m not getting paid to break, it just breaks anyway.

Apparently I’m a power user.

I think I just have higher expectations than the developers.

That, really, is sad.

Music Player Open Source developers, do you honestly think that someone wants to load their music library every time they start up your software? Do you think that they don’t want to see who the artist is? Do you understand that some people, like me, have 65 gigs of music scattered on my computer and external harddrive?? It’s a mess! That’s why I want your software, dear developers, to organize it and curate it and make it useable.

Speaking of curating, my photos definitely need that. They are also scattered on my external harddrive, my three partitions of my internal harddrive. I need organization! And yet, when I go to bring them in, you insist on importing them to my tiny Ubuntu partition! I have no room there, that’s why I have the external harddrive and the internal harddrive’s partition marked “DATA”.

Is my setup overly complicated? Absolutely. Is that rare among Ubuntu users? Not as rare as among Windows users.

Am I grumpy? Oh heck yes. I just bricked my own eReader until Kobo tells me what I can do to replace it. My iPhone sporadically decides it doesn’t want to connect to Virgin Mobile, and my Ubuntu install shuts down by itself, usually when I’m not doing anything particularly labor intensive. It just does.


The developer I work with, that I mentioned earlier? He was awesome enough to give me a new title, I think it fits.

Software Detonator.

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