Map Maker Issues

Regardless if you consider yourself a paleogeographer or a neogeographer, sometimes you just can’t make the software do what you are imagining that it can do. Where do you turn then? Facebook only offers a limited audience, although I have gotten some decent answers that way. Twitter is fantastic if you can explain your problem within their character limit. Stackoverflow for GIS is where I go to when I am looking for answers, even occasionally end up going to the ESRI website to try and figure something out. Although that is almost entirely when I am looking to do a quick python script in ArcGIS.

Where do you go?

My current issue (although I have many) is that I accidentally created 200 shapefiles in the wrong UTM Zone. The coordinates are the correct ones, but everything is one Zone east than it should be. I can’t just reproject the data, as the data will still be one Zone east. Do I just delete the projection files and then tell it the correct Zone? Thankfully all of the calculations worked from my data are still accurate.

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