A Bit of Restructuring

I took a look at the archives of this blog and realized that it makes no sense to keep it only spatial. I simply don’t update it that much. I originally had grand ideas for having a blog for each interest that I have but that, in the end, has never really come to fruitation. I end up starting blogs, writing a bit and then completely forgetting that they exist for months.
So I have finally decided to change that.
This will become a generic blog of mine – just whatever I feel like writing about at the moment. I will attempt to blog weekly, if not more, but the topics will be broader. There will be geospatial, software, knitting, food and general life in Germany for an immigrant. In short, whatever topic I feel like writing about. I know this won’t interest everyone, but otherwise, there isn’t much use for me continuing having this blog.

And in the end, I’m writing for me more than I’m writing for ‘my brand’ or anything else.

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