Missing Catalonia

I am a celiac. This means that I have to eat gluten-free food, without any traces of wheat or gluten. This also means that moving to Germany was one of the sillier choices when itRead More

Pokémon Go: At Home

With the American release of Pokémon Go, a lot of my Twitter feed has been raving about this game while sharing pictures, comments and critiques about the popular software. The main premise of the gameRead More


Do everything that scares you. Take the chance to learn how to ski in the Alps, bike across the US by yourself, apply for jobs in countries that you can’t place on the map, learnRead More

Tell me your secrets

Tell me of the time where you climbed out of your window, snuck by the kitchen window where your father was, and went downtown to the park, to meet your girlfriend and sit hand inRead More

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