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A few weeks ago, I got convinced, pretty easily I must admit, to be the Co-Chair of the OSGeo Ottawa Chapter.  Apparently this doesn’t require me to do a lot of work, but it still scares the hell out of me. I can talk, a lot, but I generally don’t tend to lead a group of technology buffs that are generally older than me, male and a heck of a lot more knowledgeable on open source. Regardless, I’m going to do it and I hope that I do it well.

It got me thinking about Open Data, particularly with Open Data Ottawa becoming a bigger deal with the city of Ottawa releasing more data and now World Bank releasing their data. Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto have all joined the rally cry. Who else?

I love Open Data, I love analyzing it and love looking at the applications that people use it in. But how do you find it? As far as I know, no one has come up with a decent list. This of course is made worse by new places releasing their data on what seems like a daily basis.

Let me know what open data sources you know of and I’ll update here accordingly. I don’t expect that I’ll be the only person doing so, but I’d like to have a better idea of where I can get data. Future blog posts will also have maps of what work that I have done with some of this open data.

Who else:

The City of Surrey (thanks @MapsRus)

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  1. I am putting together a bunch of open data resources on the following site:
    I should really put a links page with a list of open repositories for spatial data. If you have a list that you could send me i would add the resources to the new page. If you have any data that you would like to contribute to ShareGeo, let me know an i will set you up with a depositor account.

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