This May Be A Revival

After starting various blogs on WordPress with specific themes, a few tumblr accounts, and a few new twitter accounts, I am going to start over here. Again. This isn’t the first time that I have ignored this site for months and then have decided to make use of it again. Hopefully this time, my idea sticks.

I often felt like this blog needed to be a single topic blog, due to the url, due to the nature of so many blogs nowadays. It occured to me in the middle of the night, listening to my boyfriend’s soft breathing, that I contain multitudes. The number of blogging sites that I would need would be ridiculous, so why not take the one site that I have and just use it?

Just write?

I am not going to kid myself, I don’t think many people will read this and that’s fine. I plan on writing a lot for myself, getting my thoughts in order, recording recipes and visits to new cities and interesting sustainable discoveries I’ve made. I plan on writing about ways to use less plastic and ways that municipalities can reuse waste, as well as places where gluten-free food isn’t unusual. I plan on writing about knitting and embroidery and how minimalism is what I am striving for, even as I know that the journey to minimalism is the most important aspect of it. I’ll divide everything by category but don’t be surpried if a single post contains multiple categories and sub-categories. Cat photos, swiped from the internet, and photos that I have taken, may also end up here.


Keep an open mind and enjoy.

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