Subtleties of Color

In case you aren’t subscribed to NASA’s Earth Observatory, I would like to draw your attention to their ongoing series called Subtleties of Color. Part One started on the 5th of August, and Part TwoRead More

Map Maker Issues

Regardless if you consider yourself a paleogeographer or a neogeographer, sometimes you just can’t make the software do what you are imagining that it can do. Where do you turn then? Facebook only offers aRead More

Balloon Mapping

While I have known about Public Laboratory for a while now, I am finally taking the plunge into the world of balloon mapping. Last month, Public Laboratory had a Kickstarter for their Balloon Mapping Kit.Read More


FOSSGIS 2012 was held in Bauhaus Stadt Dessau last week, which made for a three-train trek from Ilmenau for me. The location of the conference was at the Hochschule Anhalt, which offers an Online MastersRead More

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